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Flight Academy Australia’s Aviation School is located at Essendon Airport, Melbourne.

With a strong focus on pilot training from Student to Commercial Pilot License Standard, FAA offers potential trainee pilots with quality training carried out by experienced Flight Instructors.

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The Asia Pacific Region Demand for Pilots

There has never been a better time to start a career in the aeronautical industry.  Wordwide growth in demand for pilots over the next 20 years sees a requirement for 248,000 new pilots. Will you be one of them?

New Pilots by Region 2016 – 2035

According to CUQ University’s Prof Steve Thatcher,  Airlines across the globe are expanding their fleets and flight schedules to satisfy demand generated by global economic expansion.  The aviation industry continues to address these challenges by creating balanced, sustainable solutions to fill future pilot pipelines.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLA)

Commercial flight training builds on existing general flying skills, cross country navigation skills and airmanship. The goal is to develop your skills to meet much higher standards and to conduct flights in a commercial operating environment.


Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Training

You will learn to manage the aircraft’s systems such as communications, navigation, GPS and fuel systems as well as develop skills in reading maps and making in-flight calculations specific to navigation.

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

To obtain a Recreational Pilot License (RPL) you must be at least 16 years old. You must have a current medical certificate (this may be either Class 1 or 2, or a Recreational Aviation Medical).

Air Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)

Available in two forms – Air Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) (for flight crew) and Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency (for ground crew and drone operators).

Aviation Fee-Help Courses

Flight Academy Australia with its partner, Central Queensland University is pleased to announce that it will be offering FEE-Help Aviation courses from its Essendon Facilities.

The Aviation FEE-HELP Courses include:

CL06 -Associate Degree of Aviation (Flight operations) FEE-HELP (CQU)
CL09-Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations), FEE-HELP (CQU)
CL17- Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations), FEE-HELP (CQU)
For Further information on the courses, please review the PDF.

For Student FEE-HELP information you can also refer to FEE HELP information sheet on the CQUniversity website.

Domestic and International Air Charter Services

Flight Academy Australia is also able to offer domestic and international Air Charter services 24 days a day in a range of aircraft, including jet aircraft charter to cater for the corporate and private sectors. Contact us for further details.

Domestic and International Air Charter Services

Scenic Flights

Flight Academy Australia also offers scenic flights over the Melbourne CBD from Essendon Airport, and Coastal areas including the 12 Apostles from both Essendon and Barwon Heads Airport.

Scenic Tours from Essendon Airport

Looking for a career in Aviation?

Our three day Airline Pilot Workshop will give you a start in an exciting career in Aviation.

Trial Introductory Flight

A great way to experience the joy of flying and to see if it’s for you

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All aviation training is provided by qualified Flight Instructors.