About Flight Academy Australia

Based at Melbourne’s Essendon Airport, FLIGHT ACADEMY AUSTRALIA is approximately 5 nautical miles (10 kilometres) north of Melbourne CBD.

Aviation Pilot Training

The Academy’s special focus is providing airline pilot training for Australia & the Asia-Pacific region. We benefit from a close working relationship with Australian Government, Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia along with Civil Aviation Authorities of both The People’s Republic of China and Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Flight Academy Australia is a Registered Training Organisation

The programs available include integrated courses & Diplomas from Recreational Pilot License (RPL) through to Commercial Pilot License (CPL), ATPL and Multi-Crew Training along with Multi-Engine, IFR, NVFR, Turbine & Instructor Endorsements.

We offer high quality instruction by experienced pilots & industry professionals; from ground theory in our modern, purpose built classrooms to flight instruction in our modern aircraft fleet comprised of single engine through to the Airbus A320 synthetic trainer.

A commitment to safety being our top priority combined with over 30 years experience ensures our services are provided in a safe environment with a proven safety record.

Essendon Airport benefits from two runways, a control tower, Class C airspace and published instrument approach procedures – making it most suitable for pilot training in all weather conditions.

Pilot Training at Lethbridge Airport

In addition to operations at Essendon Airport, Flight Academy Australia have also partnered with Lethbridge Airport located 40 nautical miles (75 kilometres) west of Melbourne. This partnership enables the Academy to provide training at Lethbridge, an environment which consists of two long runways, sealed and unsealed, in low traffic control-free Class G airspace.

Flight Academy Australia (FAA) has a long list of satisfied clients including the Australian Air Force Cadets & produces the most professional pilots, with past graduates having gone on to a successful career in aviation both in Australia and internationally.

Flight Academy Australia Aviation Training

Flight Academy Australia (FAA) is a wholly owned division of Business Aviation Australia Pty Ltd. FAA is co-owned and operated by Michael Lanza, a well known and respected operator with over 30 years operational experience in the aviation industry.

Mike’s extensive experience in the industry covers such areas as Flight Training, Instrument Training, Charter, Aerial Work and Survey as well as ground theory and endorsement on the Beechcraft King Air series of aircraft. Mike also provides Approved Testing Officer (ATO) services.

FAA operates out of the main terminal at Essendon Airport. With a strong focus on pilot training from Student to Commercial Pilot Licence standard, FAA offers potential trainee pilots with quality training carried out by experienced Flight Instructors.

FAA is also able to offer domestic and international Air Charter services in a range of aircraft to cater for the corporate and private sectors.

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